diagnose failures

Welcome to this tutorial on how to test for hardware failures in a computer.

Click on the windows search bar at the bottom left type performance monitor in the search bar from the search result.

Click on the performance monitor app you can see the system summary on the main screen of performance monitor in the left side panel click on the performance monitor and this will show you a progress graph on the left side.

Click on the reports and then click on the system select system diagnostics to check the stats close the performance monitor let’s open another tool to monitor the memory. Type mdsched in the search bar of the windows click on the windows memory diagnostic app click on the restart now and check for the problems option [Music].

Your pc will restart and windows memory diagnostics tool will start checking for any hardware problem this test will take several minutes so keep patient you can see the status of the hardware if this tool will detect any problem then it will show you a message after completing the scan process windows will start see this wasn’t hard at all thanks for watching please subscribe to our channel.