FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions should I take with my computer?
  • Clean the ventilation grilles with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Avoid blocking the air vents below and on the side (to prevent overheating).
  • Always leave the battery in the laptop to protect against power surges.
  • Do not wrap the cord around the adapter and avoid twisting the ends.
  • Turn off your laptop completely for transport and avoid shocks.
  • Use a suitable carrying bag.
  • In the car: put the laptop on a seat and not in the trunk.
  • Unplug the charger from the electrical outlet when the laptop is off and does not need to be charged, to prevent premature wear.


How can I clean up my personal data?
  • Organize your files: group them into folders and subfolders with a tree structure that will allow you to find them intuitively.
  • Compress and archive those you no longer use (zip): on a server, on an external hard drive… Free up space;
  • Also get into the habit of making backup copies.


How can I clean my Hard Drive?

Delete unwanted files: temporary internet files, temporary files, trash, unnecessary restore points… They take up space unnecessarily and slow down access to data.


How can I improve the performance of my system?

Disable features and visual effects. This allows you to consume less energy and wear out your device less quickly.


How to uninstall unnecessary programs?

Uninstall unused programs with the right tools for better efficiency and to free up space on your hard drive.


How do I optimize my browser?

As you browse the Internet or install certain programs, add-ons can be added without your knowledge, hogging resources or even posing a security threat. Lighten your browser for more speed and security. After removing unwanted add-ons, reset browser settings to prevent the add-on from reinstalling.


How can I optimize my computer’s startup?

Disable unnecessary programs and services when starting the computer because they waste resources and lengthen the time it takes for Windows to fully start.


How do I defragment my hard drive?

Defragment your hard drive to save it extra work that can slow it down and cause premature wear. It is advisable to do the defragmentation last, after the steps proposed above. Attention, this concerns mechanical hard disks (HDD), not SSD!


What should I do if my computer is very slow?

Add RAM. You can also replace your mechanical hard drive (HDD) with an SSD.


Is my computer display slow and jerky?

Change the graphics card to have a smoother display.


What should I do if my hard drive is full?

Add another one, replace it with a larger capacity disk, empty it, or move your files to external storage.


Why do I have to dust off my computer?

Dust is the #1 enemy of your computer, as it can cause components to overheat or short circuits. This is why it is important:

  1. use your computer in a place where air can circulate easily;
  2. to dust the inside of your machine at least once or twice a year.